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Why all Realtors are

Better-Together with us?



Whether your a residential or commercial agent, whether your an eXp agent or represent another brokerage firm, your Better-Together with us because we put the power of our commercial partners behind you!


Instantly gain access to our network with billions of dollars in lending power, five hundred million dollars in completed commercial construction experience, and hundreds of national and local tenants relationships. 


With us, you go from selling a piece of property to selling the Return on Investment (ROI) the property represents.


Top five reasons you think commercial real estate is out of your reach:

  1. I’m not licensed. 
  2. My broker want let me.
  3. Commercial is to complicated.
  4. I don’t have the right network.
  5. I don’t know how to generate commercial leads.

Top five reason why you can do commercial real estate transaction instantly with Jaxka:

  1. I’m not licensed: If you have your Georgia Real Estate License, you are licensed to conduct commercial real estate transactions statewide.
  2. My broker want let me: If your broker want support you doing commercial transactions then eXpRealty will.
  3. Commercial is to complicated: Commercial is not “boilerplate” like Residential but with Jaxka Commercial Development Partners behind you, you have every commercial resource necessary to do any size commercial transactions?
  4. I don’t have the right network: You do now! 25 years of experience, billion's of dollars in lending capacity, over five hundred million dollars in completed commercial business, and hundred of national and local tenants ready to support you and your clients.
  5. I don’t know how to generate commercial leads: The average residential real estate agent has less than two degrees of separation for a commercial real estate transaction. All you lack is the confidence to put your name out into the "commercial space" but with Jaxka backing you, you will have the confidence that comes with knowing your network can handle any commercial deal you find or generate. 

In short, with us you can buy, sale, lease, list, manage, develop, build, finance, attract tenants and investors, as well as sell the commercial results at a CAP.  We put together all the necessary pieces for you to meet and exceed your business goals. If your thinking about commercial real estate or in commercial already and would like our resource backing your next transaction then contact us today for a free consultation.